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Exactly a year ago, in the middle of July, company opened its doors to the first investors. By expanding international cooperation and supporting local producers the company connected a sizable audience of online investors and opportunities that open up due to globalization. These opportunities due to geographical reduction as well as improvement of technical skills allow to truly do miracles. And by refusing achieving the maximum financial results for In-India, we have created a financial model that, first of all, enriches our investors.

This model was met with excitement, and over the year we managed to build a mechanism of interconnections that allows to make up to 10% per day!

Step-by-step we are building warehouses, creating routes of transportation, packing resources, and also looking for cheaper and more valuable products, as well as richer and richer consumers. Almost 65 000 clients receive income from these operations, and we get not only income, but also the mechanism of getting this income.

In-India is still striving to create and develop this mechanism. Because of that we are confident that over the next year our mechanism will be even more effective, which means that investors will be able to make even more money. To do that we need to expand the assortment of products, and also expand the markets of product consumption. That is why we hope for further support and participation of investors. To simplify their interaction with their capital we will be developing our website and expanding its support network. Within the next several years we are hoping to create local offline branches and try to simplify the way of making deposits.

As you can see, there is a lot of work ahead for us and we count on your support and participation. For that we will continue to manage your finances with the same efficiency, and also move ahead well and in a stable fashion.

In the next few days we will publish a presentation where we will make a short recount of the history of development over the past year.

Jul-15-2014 03:42:56 PM

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