News of Orion Financial

Today is exactly 25 days OFA has been online, I would like to inform you about company progress:
1. Our Alexa Rank is now 183.931 and has fastly incrased from about 500.000 last week
2. From our google analytics data, the average visit are 4,000 to 5,000 per day with average time of visit is about 15 minutes. Quite positive traffic for a new launched program
3. 1st position on TOP 10 POPULAR HYIPs in
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4. 1st position on TOP Popular Program in
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5. For almost one week, OFA in first position The Fast Growing Program by
5. Link to
6. 8th position as the Most Popular Program in and manage to compete with other established programs.
6. Please check on
7. OFA has been monitored by more than 60 monitor with paying status.
7. Please Check our monitor
8. Up to now, the total amount collected is USD $125,509.90 and total profit shared is USD $24,831.83
And, we need your attention :
1. All withdrawal process is instant process, if you get pending withdrawal, please make sure entering correct information your e-currency data. Make sure no empty space and enter correct format, first letter for Perfect Money account should be upper case.
2. If you send an email or ticket and have notreceived a reply, please kindly re-send. Because we receive thousands of spam emails and disrupt our work.

If you are satisfied with our program, please hit the Facebook like button.

Thank you for staying with us. If you're not in plan, hurry up!

Oct-28-2013 12:16:48 AM

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