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Dear investors and guests! We glad to inform you that today, on May 2, "HowellBit" platform has added a new investment plan "633% after 3 days" and we hope that you will be satisfied with the quality of our joint cooperation with you!
We are sure that thanks to your attention, support and desire to develop together with us, we will be able to achieve excellent results. HowellBit will develop, achieve its goals and certainly bring you exceptionally positive emotions. Follow our news!

May-2-2018 05:43:11 PM

News of BlockMine Limited

Our team has start survey of all our members to get feedback of you, so we ask you what do you feel about BlockMine Limited?

Kindly tell us in brief description..

Note If you want to share your video testimonial to us so you can create your video message from your webcam and you can attach video in the reply to this email

Aug-30-2017 05:20:07 PM

Forex Payout is online for 8 days

Forex Payout is online for 8 days now and undoubtedly became the most popular and the best investment site on the1000 investors have already joined us and many of them invested huge amounts, which is totally wonderful! I am so happy to see such an enormous support from everyone and want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Investors are very satisfied from the instant payments
Forex Payout offers to them and I get many emails everyday with a lot of compliments! Rest assured, that I will keep doing my utmost efforts to make everyone extremely happy from our service! Please remember to invite all your friends to
Forex Payout, advertise it everywhere you can, vote for Forex Payout on all the monitors, post your payment proofs on the forums and share your success stories there. Thank you very much!

Mar-12-2015 09:26:16 PM

News of

Exactly a year ago, in the middle of July, company opened its doors to the first investors. By expanding international cooperation and supporting local producers the company connected a sizable audience of online investors and opportunities that open up due to globalization. These opportunities due to geographical reduction as well as improvement of technical skills allow to truly do miracles. And by refusing achieving the maximum financial results for In-India, we have created a financial model that, first of all, enriches our investors.

This model was met with excitement, and over the year we managed to build a mechanism of interconnections that allows to make up to 10% per day!

Step-by-step we are building warehouses, creating routes of transportation, packing resources, and also looking for cheaper and more valuable products, as well as richer and richer consumers. Almost 65 000 clients receive income from these operations, and we get not only income, but also the mechanism of getting this income.

In-India is still striving to create and develop this mechanism. Because of that we are confident that over the next year our mechanism will be even more effective, which means that investors will be able to make even more money. To do that we need to expand the assortment of products, and also expand the markets of product consumption. That is why we hope for further support and participation of investors. To simplify their interaction with their capital we will be developing our website and expanding its support network. Within the next several years we are hoping to create local offline branches and try to simplify the way of making deposits.

As you can see, there is a lot of work ahead for us and we count on your support and participation. For that we will continue to manage your finances with the same efficiency, and also move ahead well and in a stable fashion.

In the next few days we will publish a presentation where we will make a short recount of the history of development over the past year.

Jul-15-2014 03:42:56 PM

Russian language

Today the site is translated into Russian language

Jun-19-2014 03:15:13 PM

News of United Hyip League

UHL - 500 Days are Successfully Done!
Our company hasn't stopped developing even for a moment since 2012. Developing
the strategy of investing into diamonds we moved on to oil, and now we are
watching a rapid growth of borrowing operations that we have great hopes for.
500 days of uninterrupted work, 500 days of daily payments and capital growth
have passed unnoticed.

This number by itself is not great, and we are confident that everything is still
in the future for us. However, as investors, we like numbers and 500 seems to be
a beautiful number to us.

In relation to this event we made a small video presentation of UHL. We are
offering it for your consideration. We are confident that this video will
help you, your friends, referrals or partners to get acquainted with UHL quickly
within two minutes and to grasp the general idea about us. In the future we are
hoping to expand the amount of supporting material and we are inclined to think
of this work as an experimental step.

Feb-20-2014 07:16:51 AM

News of Kings Of Profit

With real pleasure and high excitement, I would like to inform you that, we are already working within a 50 Days.
At the beginning of 2014 year we will start powerful advertising compaign and new feautures are coming.
Our live chat working as usual for more than 16 hours per day without weekends and holidays, So in the next week we will add international phone support so will closer to you.
We have a lot of questions from our investors and they ask about representative in his country.
So another good news, we just added international representative system,
If you want to be a regional representative in your Country you can send your request via our support form ot to our email with next details:
Your Country:
Your Name:
Your Username in our Program:
Your E-mail:
Your Language Spoken:
Your Skype:
Your Facebook:
Your Tel. Number if it available:

For our regional representative we have more options with good Referral commission and other futures.

As I Said before we have some exciting features going to be added to our program within a short period of time; a couple of them being telephone support system, Live Chat will be available in different languages, and our very own personal blog. So stay tuned for those exciting features.

Best Wishes,
Jeffrey McMillan

Kings Of Profit - When your dreams come true

Jan-22-2014 09:35:21 AM

News of Orion Financial

Hello OFA Investor,

We're sorry,
This morning we found out that our API system doesn\'t work normally.
Solid Trust Payment (STP) API integration make our API system error, Give us several days to resolve this problem, if still error, lets forget to adding STP and we will restore old system. Please be patient.

All withdraw request will processed manually within 24 hours (maximum 48 hours) until everything back to normal.

Thank you for your understanding.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best Regards

Made Sudarma
PT. Orion Financial Asia
Office 8 - SCBD, Jakarta Selatan
Sudirman Central Business District
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
Phone +62 (021) 36582178, 36582138

Oct-31-2013 02:27:45 PM

News of Orion Financial

Oct-28-2013 12:16:48 AM

News of Orion Financial

Solid Trust Pay payment system added to the program.

Oct-25-2013 01:49:53 PM

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